Rescue your Marriage

from Betrayal, Pornography & Affairs


The most comprehensive guide to holistic healing


Address the needs of the Betrayed, Faithful & Marriage using the perspectives of Trauma, Addiction, System Dynamics & Religion


Work as allies to rebuild safety and trust, rather than enemies. Create a team approach that accelerates individual healing.


Use the ideal interventions in the ideal timing to maximize the quaility of recvoery while minimizing the time it takes to get there.


"Our marriage is better than I could have dreamed. This changed not only our marriage but the trajectory of my life and our children’s lives. We are forever thankful for the Marriage Recovery Course!"
- Mikaela

"The Marriage Recovery Course taught us real skills that we use to this day.  We were on a clear path for divorce and would not be experiencing the love, health, joy and hope we now have both as individuals and as a couple!"
- C.D.R.

"I cannot recommend highly enough the tools and resources we gained through the work we did in this course. It has been truly life-changing."
- Brandon

"This approach helped us navigate how to share our pain, step into the triggers. I learned to understand the brain and how to navigate language into our prefrontal cortex. We now have hope."

"The tools and frameworks we learned through the Marriage Recovery Course materials have forever changed me as an individual and have helped us rebuild the foundation of our marriage on safety, curiosity, and compassion.”
- SV