Complementary Offerings

What's Holding You Back?

Identify the most common challenges in recovery and how to get UN-stuck.


Hope After Betrayal

Understand betrayal trauma, bust lies, learn the truth, practice soothing, clear next step for healing.


Disclosure Done Right

Maximize benefit & minimize trauma by balancing four key perspectives in a holistic approach.


Biggest Mistakes
After Betrayal

Avoid the most costly errors after discovering hidden sexual behavior.


Sex ≠ Intimacy

Blurring the lines is a costly mistake.  Learn how to create True Intimacy and recapture the joy of the Garden of Eden.


Cycle of Addiction

Learn the six stages of addiction, why it's so vicious, plus when and how to break the cycle.


Healthy Support Groups

Discover what it takes to establish and maintain a healthy recovery group... learn to spot unhealthy ones.


Questions & Answers

See what MRC subscribers are asking and what a balanced, holistic, professional response sounds like.


"Our marriage is better than I could have dreamed. This changed not only our marriage but the trajectory of my life and our children’s lives. We are forever thankful for the Marriage Recovery Course!"
- Mikaela

"The Marriage Recovery Course taught us real skills that we use to this day.  We were on a clear path for divorce and would not be experiencing the love, health, joy and hope we now have both as individuals and as a couple!"
- C.D.R.

"I cannot recommend highly enough the tools and resources we gained through the work we did in this course. It has been truly life-changing."
- Brandon

"This approach helped us navigate how to share our pain, step into the triggers. I learned to understand the brain and how to navigate language into our prefrontal cortex. We now have hope."

"The tools and frameworks we learned through the Marriage Recovery Course materials have forever changed me as an individual and have helped us rebuild the foundation of our marriage on safety, curiosity, and compassion.”
- SV

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DISCLAIMER: The outcomes described on this page and in the courses are real outcomes of clients who have implemented the methodology taught¬†by¬†MRC. Please understand these results are very much possible, but depend on the continual efforts of both¬†spouses¬†for duration of the¬†recovery journey. We cannot guarantee you will duplicate their results, as the average person who buys ‚Äúhow to‚ÄĚ information gets little to no results if not paired with action and 1:1 professional¬†guidance. We use these references for example and inspirational purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors including but not limited to your personal background, experience, and work ethic as well as those of your spouse. All growth entails risk as well as massive, consistent effort and action.¬† If both you and your spouse are willing to do those things, you too can experience results similar to MRC graduates.