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  • $49/month paid quarterly per individual
  • Currently enrolled in Marriage Recovery Course or Conquering Betrayal
  • Willing and eager to learn
  • Contribute positively to classroom environment
  • Refrain from using class as coaching, therapy or recovery group

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"It's great to connect with others so I didn't feel so alone."

"I appreciate getting answers from someone who actually understands the complexities of recovery."

"Such a helpful addition to the course material. So glad I subscribed!"

"I love how Jeremy provides a well-rounded and holistic perspective to all issues."

"I am so grateful for the relationships I built in MRC Classroom."


Upcoming Topics

Everyday Addictions

Dopamine charts reveal how we can become addicted to anything... food, sex, nicotine, alcohol, shopping, social media, exercise, work, etc.

Navigating the Victim Vortex

Escape the lie of powerlessness by learning the Karpman Drama Triangle and Empowerment Dynamic

EMDR & IFS in the Recovery Process

When and how Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing plus Internal Family Systems accelerate recovery from betrayal & addiction.

Stinkin' Stories

Discover the key to curbing defensiveness and reestablishing safety during hard conversations.

Are You Listening To Me?

Make others feel like a million bucks through Active Listening, genuine empathy and heart-to-heat communication.

Being Assertive… With Love

How to communicate honestly and assertively instead of using Passive, Passive-Aggressive or Aggressive language.

Shame & Guilt, Oil & Water

An eye-opening and radically transformative explanation of Shame vs Guilt using vivid and unforgettable metaphors.

What Mario Reveals About the Recovery Journey

A fresh, creative look at the process of healing from Betrayal Trauma & Addiction.  Inspired by Mario, Yoshi and the Princess.

Emotional Illiteracy to Competence

What it takes to grow out of emotional childhood and become an emotional adult.

Where Religion & Recovery Clash

An affirming exploration of how the church has enabled male sex addiction and exploited women through the misuse of scripture.


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DISCLAIMER: The outcomes described on this page and in the courses are real outcomes of clients who have implemented the methodology taught by MRC. Please understand these results are very much possible, but depend on the continual efforts of both spouses for duration of the recovery journey. We cannot guarantee you will duplicate their results, as the average person who buys “how to” information gets little to no results if not paired with action and 1:1 professional guidance. We use these references for example and inspirational purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors including but not limited to your personal background, experience, and work ethic as well as those of your spouse. All growth entails risk as well as massive, consistent effort and action.  If both you and your spouse are willing to do those things, you too can experience results similar to MRC graduates.