Conquering Betrayal


Heal Betrayal Trauma

Experience Genuine Hope

Become A Flourishing Survivor


Course Content

What betrayed women are saying:

"This was so helpful to see my self for who I really am, not an extension of my spouse's poor choices."

"Jeremy helped me see how my spouse's sexual choices have NOTHING to do with me. Feels good to be free of that lie."

"Finally, someone who really gets the mess I was living through.  Jeremy made me feel so safe and seen."

"The tools provided were life-changing. I have so much confidence moving forward now."

"I am SO grateful for this course.  I was lost and confused, but I finally feel hope again."

What you'll get:

Understanding Impact

How betrayal affects the mind, body, heart and soul.


The most effective ways to handle triggers & calm your nervous system.

Boundaries for Safety

Learn to create healthy, enforceable boundaries to guard your heart.

Understand Why

Reasons your spouse's sexual choices have nothing to do with you.

Getting Truth

End the lies and half-truths with a professional disclosure process.

Moving Forward

Decisive next steps to create holistic balanced recovery.


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