Disclosure Done Right


Webinar on Demand (94min)

Discovery vs FTD

Learn the spectrum disclosure options from least healthy to most therapeutic

Staggered Disclosure

Learn how repeated incomplete disclosures ruin a marriage and how to avoid it

Formal Therapeutic Disclosure

Discover the approach that yields the best outcomes for both spouses & the marriage system

Polygraph Exam

Identify the therapeutic roll a lie-detector test can play for both spouses


Discover the pros and cons of disclosure done early vs late in the recovery journey

Holistic Approach

Learn how to balance the needs of the betrayed, the unfaithful & the marriage system for best outcomes

Q & A

Live answers to your questions!  Submit online before the event for priority.

What others are saying:

"We were so fortunate to use this process immediately after discovery.  It saved our marriage!"

"I can't say enough for the FTD process.  We both felt safe and connected the whole time."

"Our first therapist did a botched disclosure.  This presentation helped me see that clearly."

"Don't make the same mistake we did with months of staggered disclosure. Do this instead!"

"Jeremy made me feel so safe, even when the information felt unsafe.  I highly recommend his FTD process."

"I finally experienced freedom in the light, even if took a polygraph exam. Totally worth it!"