Free Discovery Call


What's included:

  • 20 minute phone or video¬†call with Jeremy
  • Get your top 3 questions answered
  • See if coaching is right for you
  • Discovery Calls are available to¬†current students only
  • For¬†course related questions, please contact us¬†by email

The MRC Approach:


Licensed Teacher & Counselor,
Certified Coach

Trauma Trained

Certified EMDR Therapist and
Betrayal Trauma Counselor

Addiction Acuity

Certified Sexual Recovery Therapist,
Addiction Psychology Specialist

Complex Marriage Dynamics

Direct engagement of the marriage system and interpersonal dynamics

Integrative Approach

Balanced synthesis of all perspectives for a comprehensive recovery

Faith Friendly

Gospel-informed integration
distinct from religious tradition

What MRC students are saying:

"Coaching has  completely changed our marriage and the way I view myself and my spouse."

"Jeremy has amazing insight and can see things I completely missed. It's so helpful to have an outside and professional perspective."

"Our marriage is better than I could have dreamed thanks to Jeremy.  We are forever grateful to him and the Marriage Recovery Course."

"After working with Jeremy on communication, our entire family is now using these incredible skills.  Coaching is impacting generations!"

"Never again will we make the foolish mistake of attempting recovery on our own.  I wish would would have done coaching so much sooner."