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Read article:  "Is Sex Intimacy?"

True Intimacy

Learn what it takes to create genuine intimacy and uncover what you've likely been missing all along.

Sex as Outflow

Discover how others experience the "best sex ever" as they build comprehensive intimacy from the foundation upward.


Recapture the beauty of God's design for intimacy as demonstrated in the Garden of Eden.

What others are saying:

"As a result of this concept, our marriage has begun to thrive. We've learned to step back from sex as a tool. We now experience true intimacy apart from sex alone."

"I always wondered why I never enjoyed sex.  This theory opened my eyes to why I felt so empty.  Now I realize that I was never fulfilled the way God intended."

"As a divorcee, this chart helped me understand and experience self-love for the first time. What an awesome feeling! "

"I was raised to view sex as made for men whenever they desired. My views have changed forever by incorporating this model of true intimacy."

"I was taught that intimacy IS sex, so I never really knew my spouse.  This model has been a game changer for our marriage by providing direction and hope!"

“Before my recovery journey, sex was the "ultimate goal".  I now realize that my root desire was for intimacy, not sex. Sex may be physical intimacy, but knowing and being known is ultimate intimacy.”

"Jeremy is so easy to follow and understand. I love his teaching style, so welcoming.  What a gifted teacher!"


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