Transforming Trauma Course


What's Taught:

  1. How the Window of Tolerance correlates with trauma across the lifespan.
  2. How caregivers impact the coding of pain as either narrative or trauma.
  3. How the limbic system protects you by packaging and storing overwhelming events.
  4. Why some memories feel too scary to access, plus ways to safely begin doing so.
  5. How narratives & sensations are the key to transforming trauma.
  6. What EMDR & IFS are and how they accelerate transformation from trauma to narrative.

Length: 100 minutes

Deep-dive into WOT & PVT

Advanced training in the Window of Tolerance & Polyvagal Theory.

Self-Soothing & Body-Awareness

Training on deescalation techniques, grounding & body awareness.

EMDR & IFS Application

In-depth look at function, purpose, benefits, limits and best use cases.

What students are saying:

"Eye opening thinking about trauma being frozen at the age I was when I experienced it."

"Great content. Superb delivery. I'll be interested to see what you provide in the future."

"I wish I had known these concepts so many years ago."

Transforming Trauma Course

Experience the FULL TRAINING on understanding trauma and how to transform it.