Disclosure Done Right

Discover the power of a well prepared and executed disclosure process that prioritizes therapeutic benefit for both spouses.

Learn about the role of polygraph exam in FTD.



Podcast Introduction

Learn about "Voices Across the Valley," where those who've gone through the valley of marriage recovery beckon you from the other side.


MRC Sneak Peak

Get a glimpse inside the Marriage Recovery Course and see what it takes for couples to truly overcome Affairs, Addiction & Betrayal.


Everyday Addictions

How a few simple dopamine charts reveal how we can become addicted to anything... food, sex, nicotine, alcohol, shopping, social media, exercise, work... you name it.


Navigating the Victim Vortex

Karpman Drama Triangle and the alternative of The Empowerment Dynamic


EMDR & IFS in the Recovery Process

An explanation of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) and IFS (Internal Family Systems) followed by where and how they augment recovery from betrayal & addiction.


Stinkin' Stories

Uncover the hidden drivers of bad behavior. Learn a new dance of communication that maintains safety for everyone.

Fall 2023

Listen Up - What'd ya say?

Make others feel like a million bucks by learning how to use Active Listening Skills in tandem with Empathy.


Being Assertive… With Love

How to communicate honestly and assertively instead of using Passive, Passive-Aggressive or Aggressive language.


Shame & Guilt, Oil & Water

An eye-opening and radically transformative explanation of Shame vs Guilt using vivid and unforgettable metaphors.


What Mario Reveals About the Recovery Journey

A fresh, creative look at the process of healing from Betrayal Trauma & Addiction.  Inspired by none other than Mario, Yoshi and the Princess.


Emotional Illiteracy to Competence

What it takes to grow out of emotional childhood and become an emotional adult.


"Our marriage is better than I could have dreamed. This changed not only our marriage but the trajectory of my life and our children’s lives. We are forever thankful for the Marriage Recovery Course!"
- Mikaela

"The Marriage Recovery Course taught us real skills that we use to this day.  We were on a clear path for divorce and would not be experiencing the love, health, joy and hope we now have both as individuals and as a couple!"
- C.D.R.

"I cannot recommend highly enough the tools and resources we gained through the work we did in this course. It has been truly life-changing."
- Brandon

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"This approach helped us navigate how to share our pain, step into the triggers. I learned to understand the brain and how to navigate language into our prefrontal cortex. We now have hope."

"The tools and frameworks we learned through the Marriage Recovery Course materials have forever changed me as an individual and have helped us rebuild the foundation of our marriage on safety, curiosity, and compassion.”
- SV

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