Dear Fellow Traveler

addiction guest author marriage sex true stories May 28, 2024

The following is an open letter written by a graduate of the Marriage Recovery Course... a male addicted to pornography and sex.  After completing both the course and Formal Therapeutic Disclosure, he felt a desire to encourage others starting their recovery journey.

He hopes his words may encourage you in a season often marked with brokenness and discouragement.


Dear Fellow Traveler,

Welcome to the beginning of recovery.  I want to say I am proud of you for reaching out and looking for a better way of life.  Let me tell you that there is.  I don’t know you or your story, but our stories rhyme.  Pain, heartaches, fights, loneliness, betrayal, and addiction exist. 

My journey began a year ago when my wife and I separated. I was faced with two choices: divorce my wife, end our 20-year marriage, or do whatever it took to regain the trust of my wife and kids.

The problem was I was so addicted to porn that I couldn’t see past the fog of addiction and even know how to repair what seemed impossible.  Thankfully, I was already enrolled in the Marriage Recovery Course and was waiting to start counseling with Jeremy. 

Through the power of MRC and counseling, I began to unravel 30 years of porn addiction.  There were days that seemed impossible and even hopeless. 

In one session, I no longer believed in myself, but Jeremy looked into my eyes and told me he believed in me. He had hope when I didn’t. I didn’t always understand, but I trusted the process.  MRC and Jeremy coached, guided, and directed me to a better way of living.

Eventually, after nine months, I could come home. Although the journey is far from over, I have found hope, and there’s hope for you too. The dynamics of my home have changed drastically.

My wife asked me the other day what I would tell someone who’s starting this journey.  My comment is, “Just Do It!”  It’s worth it.  You and your wife deserve a better you

There is hope if you are willing to put in the hard work. 

Don’t give up; you are worth it!  I believe in you!





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