Rescue your Marriage

from Betrayal, Pornography & Affairs


The most comprehensive guide to holistic healing


Address the needs of the Betrayed, Faithful & Marriage using the perspectives of Trauma, Addiction, System Dynamics & Religion


Work as allies to rebuild safety and trust, rather than enemies. Create a team approach that accelerates individual healing.


Learn the ideal timing of the most effective interventions to maximize the quality of recovery and minimize the time required.



"Our marriage is better than I could have dreamed. This changed not only our marriage but the trajectory of my life and our children’s lives. We are forever thankful for the Marriage Recovery Course!"
- Mikaela

"The Marriage Recovery Course taught us real skills that we use to this day and still work to improve.  We were on a clear path for divorce and would not be experiencing the love, health, joy and hope we now have both as individuals and as a couple!"
- C.D.R.

"This approach helped us share our pain, step into triggers, take ownership, educated us, helped me connect emotionally. I learned to understand the brain and how to navigate language. We now have hope." 



What's Included

Value-Packed Training Videos

20+ hours of direct instruction divided into easy to manage lessons ranging from 10-40 minutes. Each section concludes with a journal prompt, action item or homework assignment which range from 10-30 minutes.

Best of Multiple Approaches

MRC synthesizes the best of all four predominant view of recovery into a comprehensive and balanced approach that capitalizes on the best each, while avoiding the their pitfalls.  This holistic approach yields the best long-term outcomes for individuals and systems.

Community Classroom

While subscribed, get 24/7 access to the MRC community of students and graduates called "MRC Classroom."  Receive monthly live instruction to augment your coursework, get answers to your questions live, get support from those who've gone before you.

Expert Instructor

Jeremy is a veteran teacher, and an insightful counselor/coach with a passion for excellence.  He is gifted in Complex System Dynamics and skillfully integrates the gospel as distinct from religious dogma. He isn't afraid to speak the truth even when it's uncomfortable.

Professional Counseling / Coaching

Personalized 1:1 support is available separately for those who want professional guidance tailored to their specific situation.


Meet Your Instructor

I'm Jeremy Smith and I know what it's like to be addicted to porn. When I finally stepped into the light, God started me on a journey that I could never have imagined.

I also know what it's like to experience betrayal trauma... from friends, family and the church. I have chosen to be a survivor rather than a victim.

As a licensed therapist and certified coach, I specialize in Marriage Recovery and am passionate about helping men and women flourish even after intimate partner betrayal.

If you're serious about making change and willing to do the hard work, then MRC is for you!  I can't wait to join you on your journey of healing and flourishing!


PS- I have a beautiful marriage and three wild wonderful kids. I credit my wife for teaching me most of what I know about grace.

"I cannot recommend highly enough the tools and resources we gained through the work we did in this course. It has been truly life-changing."
- Brandon

"I learned to understand the brain and how to navigate language. We now have hope." 

"The tools and frameworks we learned through the Marriage Recovery Course materials have forever changed me as an individual and have helped us rebuild the foundation of our marriage on safety, curiosity, and compassion.”
- SV


Who This Course IS For

  • The Faithful/Betrayed who want¬†to become flourishing survivors
  • The Unfaithful/Addicted who want to deal with root issues
  • Couples wanting a comprehensive & collaborative approach to recovery
  • Go-Getters¬†willing to do¬†whatever it takes to reach the Top 10%

Who This Course Is NOT For

  • Those¬†looking for¬†a quick-fix without doing the hard work
  • Those¬†unwilling to face their own contribution to marriage dynamics
  • Those who resist change when it's uncomfortable
  • Those¬†who prefer to remain victims, rather than become survivors

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do I Get Access?

After four payments, you own the entire MRC library of courses for life!  Watch as many times as you need until it all makes sense.  Try doing THAT with therapy!

What Should I Do First?

Couples get the fastest results with the best outcomes by doing the course parallel with therapy or coaching. The course acts as a GUIDE that shortens time in therapy and helps you maximize the effectiveness of coaching or counseling.

Is There A Guarantee?

Absolutely. We have a 30 day money back guarantee! If you aren't satisfied for any reason at all you can ask for your money back in full within 30 days of the purchase.

Is This Course The Same As Therapy?

This course is NOT THERAPY and is not a replacement for it. However, it does cover much of the same content taught during the first 40 sessions of therapy for marriage recovery... for less money, in less time and much easier access.

What if my spouse won't enroll?

The Marriage Recovery Course will teach you how to address your issues and give your marriage the best chance possible, regardless of what your spouse may do.




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DISCLAIMER: The outcomes described on this page and in the courses are real outcomes of clients who have implemented the methodology taught¬†by¬†MRC. Please understand these results are very much possible, but depend on the continual efforts of both¬†spouses¬†for the duration of the¬†recovery journey. We cannot guarantee you will duplicate their results, as the average person who buys ‚Äúhow to‚ÄĚ information gets little to no results if not paired with action and 1:1 professional¬†guidance. We use these references for example and inspirational purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors including but not limited to your personal background, experience, and work ethic as well as those of your spouse. All growth entails risk as well as massive, consistent effort and action.¬† If both you and your spouse are willing to do those things, you too can experience results similar to MRC graduates.