How "Baked" Is Your Recovery?

addiction betrayal marriage Dec 05, 2023


Recently, my 8 year old told me he knew everything there was to know about math.  I just smiled and nodded.  How do you convince a kid otherwise? 

He was experiencing the cognitive bias known as the Dunning-Kruger Effect, where a little knowledge causes a person to over-estimate their knowledge.  The more they learn, the more they realize how little they actually know.

This same effect happens to those on the recovery journey from addiction and betrayal.  It's common to over-estimate your degree healing, while in fact being only partially "baked."


The Affirmation 

In a future post I'll reveal how my recovery was half-baked for nearly a decade before my eyes and heart were opened to the vast healing I was missing.

Thankfully, you can skip a decade of ignorance and experience 1st, 2nd and 3rd order change thanks to the Marriage Recovery Course.

Even if your test results reveal a half-baked healing (or less), consider it a blessing to have a more realistic view of what you may be missing... and inspiration for a the work needed to experience holistic healing.

For now, battle any negative self-talk by remembering what Dory says...




The Assessment 

The assessment linked below will provide qualitative comparisons of first, second and third order change as they pertain to the most common recovery pursuits today.  The purpose is not to provide a check-list to measure performance, but to open your eyes to the depth & quality of healing that remains untapped.

While perfection is not possible this side of eternity, experiencing third order change is as close as we can get.  Sadly, less than 5% of couples who enter the recovery journey ever experience this degree of flourishing, freedom and life.


After completing the assessment, schedule a coaching call to process the results and receive a professional recommendation of how to proceed. If you're already in coaching or counseling with me, bring the results to your next session.

Ok, download the assessment and be inspired... and watch out for cognitive bias; it can be a real doozy!


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