"Pinch Me, Is This For Real?"

addiction betrayal intimacy marriage Dec 20, 2023


Brad & Kayla reached out to me after hitting a crisis point... Kayla discovered Brad had been lying about his pornography addiction for most of their marriage.  They followed the MRC approach and thoroughly conquered betrayal trauma and porn addiction.

Years later, when I reconnected with them, Kayla delighted me with her opening remark.  "Jeremy, I woke up on the 6th anniversary of our D-DAY, and I actually said to myself...

Pinch me, is this for real?
Can our marriage really be this good? 


There are times when I just can’t believe how far we’ve come.  It’s almost like that was a completely different life."  Brad chimed in...

“There’s not a day that goes by where we
don’t use something from the course…


some tool, technique, communication strategy, framework for seeing the world… it’s like our entire way of seeing each other and seeing ourselves is completely different.  Health is simply part of our DNA now.


I teared up!  These two had not just survived the trauma and shame of discovering unwanted sexual behavior, but they had transformed their entire relationship.  They were experiencing genuine intimacy far beyond what they knew was possible.


Six years prior…

Kayla told me she was on the verge of filing for divorce and wasn’t sure she could ever forgive her husband for what he had done.  She was also convinced there was absolutely nothing she needed to work on, because she was “fine” and “it was HIS problem.”  Thankfully though, she was teachable and softened to the idea of group, therapy and daily recovery work.


Six years prior…

Brad’s face turned white when I asked what emotion he was feeling. He had no idea what an emotion was, much less how to name it.  Thankfully, he was teachable and faithfully worked to understand his emotions, which led to him understanding his unwanted sexual behavior and his wife’s emotions in their relationship.  He finally learned empathy!


Six years prior…

Their marriage was in CRISIS and neither Brad nor Kayla knew how to fix it.  Thankfully, they invested in a balanced, integrated and comprehensive approach that not only rescued their marriage, but change both of their lives forever.


Within a year of engaging the Marriage Recovery Course, they described themselves as being "completely changed."  Within two years they described their marriage as “better than it had ever been.”  Now they beam at the chance answer the question, “How’s your marriage doing?”


Once you discover what Brad and Kayla did in the Marriage Recovery Course, you too will likely say, 'Pinch me, is this for real? Can our marriage really be this good?"



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