Further Up and Further In

addiction betrayal counseling marriage Jan 02, 2024


"I have come home at last! This is my real country! I belong here.
This is the land I have been looking for all my life,
though I never knew it till now…

Come further up, come further in!"

- Jewel the Unicorn, The Last Battle


In CS Lewis’ final book of the Narnia series, many of the beloved characters meet for a climactic finale. As they survey the wonders of their new world, they are beckoned to explore further up and further in”... to discover things richer and more beautiful than they could ever have dreamed.

For men and women working a recovery journey and unwilling to settle for superficial change, the process of every deepening health and flourishing is reminiscent of the “further up and further in” experience these characters experienced as they ventured deeper into a fascinating new world.

Just as the characters in Lewis’ book were beckoned to explore the wonders that awaited them “further up and further in,” I beckon you to explore the aspects of recovery that are more rich and beautiful than you could ever dream.

Doing so may feel terrifying at times, so you need a guide who's been there and knows how to navigate the deep waters of third order change.  MRC is ready to be that guide for you.

To gain a realistic perspective of what you may be lacking in your recovery, use the self-assessment linked below.

If you're ready to join the top 5% and experience the beauty of integrating

  • individual healing
  • system transformation
  • third order change
  • grace of the true gospel

then check out the premiere course for couples and specialized course for betrayed women.


Discover what awaits you “further up and further in.”  It’s better than you could ever dream!


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